Upcoming Events

Beethoven’s 4th Symphony

April 25
April 26

Described as “a slender Grecian maiden between two Nordic giants,” (referring to his Symphonies 3 and 5), Beethoven’s ever-popular Symphony No. 4 will anchor this program that also features the brilliant Dances of Galanta by the magnificent Hungarian composer, Zoltán Kodály and the magical Overture to The Abduction from the Seraglio by Mozart.

ONNY Goes to the Movies!

July 1
July 2

Celebrate July 4th, a salute to our veterans, anniversaries for the end of WW II and the Civil War, Abraham Lincoln and great music from the movies!

Orchestra Junque Sale

July 11

Who knows what gems you’ll find during the annual Orchestra Junque Sale! Tables will be set up all day selling gently used, unbelievably well-priced Junque. Stop in to support YOUR Orchestra and fill your car with treasures you never knew you needed.