Our Musicians

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The Orchestra of Northern New York generally employs more than 100 talented professional musicians and student apprentices each year. In 2021-2022, artistic fees and musician travel totals $91,985 or 40% of the $230,870 annual budget.

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A select number of exceptionally talented students attending The Crane School of Music gain valuable experience playing alongside seasoned musicians in a professional orchestra setting. These ONNY/Crane Student Apprentices are paid through a generous grant from The Secret Sits Pro Musica Ensembles, Inc. (TSS, Inc.). 

The remaining third of the orchestra includes musicians who travel from Rochester, NYC, Boston , Ottawa, Montreal and other places to fill certain seats and play under the capable baton of Maestro Kenneth Andrews. Outside Professionals receive free housing thanks to volunteer host families who generously open their homes, providing a clean bed and meals for a few days of rehearsals and concerts. 

All performers generally have only three rehearsals before they perform two or three concerts for hundreds of people. 

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“She does an amazing job,” says Maestro Kenneth Andrews. “We simply wouldn’t have an orchestra without her.” 





Violin I 

John Lindsey – Concertmaster, The Timothy and Jill Savage Chair

Jennifer Kessler – Assistant Concertmaster

Katharine MacKay

Maggie McKenna

Sara Pistolesi

Marla Rathbun

*Samuel Clark

*Kimberly Durflinger

*Michael Hahn

*Erica Jacobs-Perkins

*Ellen Kogut

*Christopher Stork

*Aliza Thibodeau

†Olivia Coyne

†Manuel Rodriguez


Violin II

Elaine Dewar - Principal

Lorie Gruneisen

Gretchen Koehler

Agnes McCarthy

Jill Savage

Stephanie Widrick

*Amber Dean

†Julia Bartlett

†Rose DioLallevi

†Nicole Pellman



Christian Hosmer - Principal

Erin Brooks

Lia Call

Sarah Carsman

Peggy Wheeler

*Maxwell Buckholtz

*Amy Cirmo

†Matthew Grosso

†Laura Matthews



Marie-Élaine Gagnon - Co-Principal

Jameson Platte - Co-Principal

Jonathon Tortolano - Co-Principal

Donald Pistolesi - §     

Robert Docker

Christine Prevost

*Samantha Godus

*Michael Weil

†Jonathan Kim

†Robert Paddock



Principal Bass Open - The Robert B. & Beverly D. Washburn Chair

Karl Doty - §

Mario Pratti - §

Emily Wood - §

*Luke Baker

*Steve Fayette

*Nicholas Feigenbaum

*David Katz

*Joseph Karwacki

†Justin Kehati

†Sarah Taylor

†Adelle St. Onge



Jill Rubio – Principal, The James and Katherine Andrews Chair 

*Lauren Zwonik

†Elizabeth Collins

†Erin Finn

†Allison Linen


*Lauren Zwonik 



Anna Hendrickson - Principal

*Kathleen Oprea – Guest Principal ’19-‘20

*Laurel Kuxhaus

†Lauren Derflinger

†Skye Hamilton-Carranza

†Cailyn Monastero


 English Horn 

*Kathleen Oprea

*Laurel Kuxhaus



Julianne Kirk-Doyle – Principal, The John S. Woy Chair

Christine Hoerning

Jill Roberts

*Jenelle Yeoman

†Jennifer Belisle


Bass Clarinet

Wally Siebel 



Carol Lowe - Principal

Maxwell Grube

†Aliciana LoTemple

†Matthew Smith 



Lauren Becker, Principal

Guy Edrington §

Nancy Ziemba §

Morgan Hastings

Shannon Zaykoski



James Madeja – Acting Principal ’20-‘21

†Christopher Keach

†Nathalie Mejia 



Mark Hartman - Principal

Peter McCoy

Bret Zvacek 


Bass Trombone 

Michael Struzik 



Charles Guy - Principal



Scott LaVine - Principal 

Timothy Sullivan – Assistant Principal 



Timothy Sullivan – Principal

*A.J. Aebig

*Joseph Geraci

*Kevin Gorry

*Matthew McGrath

*Kyle Peters

*Jason Schirripa

*Ashley Trudell

†Kevin Gorry

†Patrick Roche 



Scott LaVine - Principal

Julie Miller

*Jarrett Larson 



Jessica Suchy-Pilalis – Principal

*Anna Weigandt

†Shannon Boyle



Personnel Manager 

Jill Rubio 

Recording Engineer, Lighting and Sound Designer 

James Wildman 

Orchestra Librarian

Keith Ziemba


* Supplementary Musicians

§ Guest Principals During Position Vacancy or For Specific Concerts

†TSS/Crane Apprentices for 2019-2020


NOTE: TSS/ONNY Crane Apprentice appointments for 2020-2021 will be listed in September 2020.