Policies & Etiquette

All Performances are held in handicapped accessible locations.

Please Arrive Early. Concerts will begin promptly. Latecomers will be seated only after the conclusion of the first work; there will be no seating break during any work. Audience members who leave a concert during a work will not be reseated until the piece is concluded.

Leaving a Concert Early. If you must leave prior to the end of a concert, please do so between numbers, not during the performance of a piece. 

No Beeping Allowed. Please check any portable phone, paging device, or alarm watch at the Box Office. If you need to be reached during a performance due to an emergency, please inform an usher.

Restrooms are located in the lobby. Please remember that audience members who leave during a work will not be readmitted until the conclusion of a piece.

Photographs or recordings (audio or video) of any performance, or the possession of any such device inside the concert hall, without the express written permission of the management, is prohibited by law.

Applause. It is customary for audiences at classical music concerts to wait until the end of an entire work to show their appreciation. Please hold your applause after each movement in order to enjoy the totality of the piece.